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The reproducible pages and supplemental resources referenced in your copy of Tools for Thoughtful Assessment can be accessed using the links below.

Chapter 1: How Will I Identify and Communicate Learning Goals to Students?

Reproducible Pages:

Learning Window

Vocabulary Knowledge Rating Organizer

Backwards Learning Organizer


Supplemental Resources:

Habits of Mind Reference Page

• Learning Window Supplemental Examples

Backwards Learning Supplemental Examples

Chapter 2: How Will I Use Pre-assessments to Inform and Enhance Instruction?

Reproducible Pages:

Best Foot Forward Survey

Hand of Knowledge Organizer

What Comes to Mind?

Chapter 3: How Will I Prepare Students to Produce High-Quality Work?

Reproducible Pages:

7-Step Directions template

Chapter 4: How Will I Check for Understanding While Presenting New Information?

Reproducible Pages:

Questioning in Style Planning Form

Questioning in Style: Unit Blueprint Organizer


Supplemental Resources:

Introduction to Questions in Style handout

Questioning in Style Supplemental Example

Chapter 5: How Will I Check for Understanding After Presenting New Information?

Supplemental Resources:

Association Triangles Supplemental Examples

Comprehension Menus Supplemental Examples

Chapter 7: How Will I Help Students Improve Their Work Through Feedback and Self-Assessment?

Reproducible Pages:

Writer's Club Discussion Questions

Chapter 8: How Will I Help Students Monitor Their Learning and Establish Goals and Plans for Moving Forward?

Reproducible Pages:

Goal Cards

Expanded Goal Card

GOT It! Form

In My GRASP Planning Form

Reflecting on My Personal Bests

Test Assessment Form

Chapter 9: How Will I Use Writing Tasks to Help Students Synthesize and Show What They Know?

Reproducible Page:

4-2-1 Summarize Organizer


Supplemental Resources:

Vocabulary Storytellers Extended Example

Chapter 10: How Will I Develop High-Quality Culminating Assessment Tasks and Evaluation Frameworks?

Reproducible Pages:

The C-List Evaluation Form

Error Analysis Form: Second-Chance Test

Performance Task Planner


Supplemental Resources:

Habits of Mind Reference Page

Performance Task Designer Supplemental Examples

Chapter 11: How Will I Differentiate Assessment to Promote Success for All Students?

Reproducible Pages:

Assessment Menu

Task Rotation

Task Selection


Supplemental Resources:

Assessment Menu Supplemental Example

Chapter 12: How Will I Help Students Reflect On, Learn From, and Celebrate Their Achievements?

Reproducible Pages:

Effort Tracker Form

Team-O-Graph Form

Test Feedback Form